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A modern home interacts with you. Its temperature, lighting, security, and more are connected to your mobile device. Its music and mood can shift as you move room to room.

So, what if your mobile device could check on your grill from across the partyor choose a recipe with preset cooking times and settings?

It can. Its beautiful and its brilliantthe Lynx Smart Series.


When you have refined taste, you recognize perfect control. You relish performance that you can restrainand call upon at your own will. Traditional grill burners are hard to control, because they cook by heating the air around your food. That takes time to change.

A Lynx Trident Infrared Burner directly heats the grate beneath your food with 23,000 BTUs of intensive heat. With temperature control that's instantaneous, ranging from 300 -1000 , its the method employed by the worlds leading chefs, and now its in your grill. This kind of control can cook a perfect saladputting a delicious char on romaine lettuce without wilting a leaf. Now, just imagine what it does for tenderloin or tilapia.

Feel the precision of perfect control.


The finest cuisine is original and inspired. But its never unpredictable. Traditional grill burners are inconsistent, because their metal changes as they cook. They suffer when extreme heat expands and contracts the metal, loosening bonds over time. Performance weakens as food residue clogs ports, or corrosive outdoor weather degrades the material.

The Lynx ceramic burner is made from cordierite ceramic, a material chosen for kilns and commercial ovens because of the temperatures that it endures. We tested these burners relentlessly, igniting them thousands of times, even when encrusted with sauce or encased with ice.

When we place these radiant gems at the heart of your Lynx Grill, we harness them to controls that let you precisely tune a power you havent felt before.


A rotisserie unlocks a new realm of food. There is no better way to carefully and evenly cook generous meats like whole chickens and roasts, or baskets of vegetables, chicken wings, and sides.

The Lynx Rotisserie has a dedicated burner, selectable positions, and selectable speeds to ensure you have a full range of options. With the optional Lynx Rotisserie Basket, you can carefully cook smaller dishes and sides while preparing a mainyou can even roast your own coffee beans. Its simply mesmerizing to watch the Lynx rotisserie steadily turn, summoning mouth-watering scents as it elicits a crisp exterior and succulent interior for lemon rotisserie chicken, red wine leg of lamb, a honey glazed ham, or a bourbon rotisserie pork roast.

The image lingers for a while, but the aroma is unforgettable.


When a meal has been cooked with seasoned wood smoke, it has a flavor thats like nothing else.

Its something that must be experienceda nuance of hickory, mesquite, pecanthe tastes are legendary, the aromas unmistakable.

Thats why we provide our stainless steel smoker box, and why we make sure its easy to use.

You dont always need to use it, but you always need to have the choice.


The Lynx Life continues all day long, all year round. And theres a mystical air that arises, just as the sun starts to set and the evening arrives. Its a beautiful time to grill... if you can.

Every Lynx grill incorporates elegant blue illumination emanating from each knob with a calm blue light. As you lift the lid, intuitive halogen illumination shows you exactly how your food is looking.

So, just check in on your food.

Then, get back to basking in the sundown grill aroma. It seems to steal an amber essence from the last of the sun.


The Lynx Life is expansive and deep. It has space to move and relax, always has room for more, and never feels limited or confined.

So, we built our grills with more space in mind.

Our expansive grilling surfaces provide greater depth, extending to more than 20 inches deep on most models.

You might not need it all. It just feels good to have it.


The Lynx workshop in California is a study in skill, a lesson in craft.

A welder pauses to focus on an unwelded seam... then, with one swift and steady stroke, he sweeps his torch across the seamlike painting a perfect lineand an unbroken edge emerges.

Its over in a second, and thats how it has to be done. We do not use mechanical fasteners. We form every sheet of metal into a solitary, seamless body of shimmering steel, free of gaps and seams where moisture could collect. Hand-tooled, precision welded, and highly polished by the skilled specialists in our shop, each and every grill is inspected before it leaves our floor. We examine details on every side, step back, and check reflections in every light, to ensure that your grill embodies Lynxfinished with invisible welds and hand-polished edges that shine like mirrors.


Natures tempests can arise in even in the most scenic places. Mountain resorts, beachside villas, and even inland estates are sometimes subject to great and turbulent gusts of wind.

Lynx has found that these gusts can affect typical grills, entering through the vents. They create swirls of temperature change beneath the grills hood, and subject tender cuisine to uneven cooking. Our research led us to develop an exclusive wind-deflecting fin along the back of our hoods.

Its how we ensure that people in spectacular places can always create spectacular food.


Everything you cook with a Lynx can have a perfect finish.

And it can have a perfect start.

Lynx Hot Surface Ignition lights your grill with the push of a knob. It is weather-tested electronic ignition that simply works, every time, vaporizing the uncertainty and inconvenience of lighting traditional gas grills.

The Lynx Life deserves a perfect beginning.

Its easy, from start to finish.


Perfect outdoor cooking begins with even heat.

Charcoal briquettes can form a steady glow of heat beneath your foodbut traditional gas grill burners can create irregular hot spots, forcing you to continually flip and move your food to achieve an even finish.

With Lynx Ceramic Briquettes, your gas grill emanates a perfectly even heat across the base of your grill.

For your convenience, in five minutes, you can cleanse the briquettes by reversing the tray and raising the heat.


Solid stainless steel gives our grills a sense of substance.

They feel firm at every touch, with a sound and an aura of permanence.

But you can lift the hoods with just a fingereach one is centrally balanced, and has a heat-treated assist system that makes it surprisingly weightless to open and close.

Youll probably do it twicejust to feel it again.

Go ahead. Everyone does.

The Flametrak safety system uses a sensor that can tell if a burners flame is out. The sensor tries to relight the burner, then shuts off the burners gas if there is no flame for 13 seconds. With a sensor on each burner, the Flametrak system helps provide grill safety whether a flame fails to ignite or a flame blows out.


The Flametrak system tells grill users when it has taken action. The Flametrak indicator just above each burner knob lets grill users check the flames status at a glance, rather than having to open the grill and look for a flame beneath the grates.


The Flametrak system is based on flame rectification. Flame rectification is the effect where electrical current changes from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) as it passes through a flame. If the current does not change to DC, then the Flametrak switch knows the flame is outand it relights or shuts off the gas. Flame rectification is proven technology that many water heaters and other devices use to confirm the presence of a flame.


In 2018, the Lynx All Trident Grill is the first grill to feature the Flametrak safety system. It sets the industry standard in performance and safety. The Flametrak safety system is patent pending.


A built-in Lynx Professional grill is a crowning jewel, waiting to be set at the center of your outdoor kitchen.

LYNX 54", 42", 36", 30", 27", Professional Built-in Grill

LYNX 54", 42", 36", 30", 27", Professional freestanding Grill


A freestanding Lynx Professional grill gives you a luxury grilling experience that moves you and moves with you.


To create the ultimate cuisine, and a have where you feel at home, you should have all that you need close at hand.

With Lynx Classic Storage, you can complete your space

With beautiful finishes, generous storage, easy cleanup, and thoughtful details, these pieces pair perfectly and extend the elegant look of your Lynx cooking devices.

Create a place that goes beyond cooking. Create a place thats always waiting for youa place where you want to stay.



  • Essential storage30" 36" or 42" wide door and double drawer combination
  • Reassuring securitythe door has a key lock
  • Complete accessfull-extension glide-out drawer slides for access to the back of the drawer
  • Elegant touchpolished door handles
  • Stable strengthrigid welded construction ensures strength and longevity
  • Striking effectinterior lighting for drawers and cabinet
  • Flawless finishingfully lined drawer
  • Quick clean-upthe in-door condiment shelf is removable for easy cleaning
  • Confident closureheavy-duty latches for easy closing



  • Ample widtheach drawer exterior is 16 inches wide
  • Smooth reliabilityfully extendable drawers on commercial stainless steel rollers
  • Elegant touchpolished door handles
  • Extensive storagethe extended depth of 21 inches accommodates oversized grilling tools, towels, or wood chips
  • Stable strengthrigid welded construction ensures strength and longevity

MODEL LDR18L / LDR18R / LDR24L / LDR24R / LDR30T / LDR36T / LDR42T


  • Perfect fit18", 24", 30", 36" and 42" sizes available
  • Elegant touchpolished door handles
  • Stable strengthrigid welded construction ensures strength and longevity
  • Quick clean-upthe in-door condiment shelf is removable for easy cleaning
  • Confident closureheavy-duty latches for easy closing

MODEL LSA30-4 / LSA36-4 / LSA42-4


  • Generous deptheach drawer is 25.5 inches deep
  • Perfect completionsoft-close drawer slides
  • Tidy enclosurerubber trim around the frame helps block dust and water
  • Quick cleaningeasy-to-clean stainless steel surface
  • Elegant simplicitydesigned with understated style
  • Essential storagea 30-inch-wide door and double drawer combination
  • Striking effectinterior lighting for drawers and cabinet
  • Perfect endingsoft-close door hinge
  • Subtle convenienceflush-mounted reversible handle is there when you need it
  • Perennial refinementclean design eliminates places that dirt can collect
  • Expandable optionsdoor accessory kits available

MODELS LDR18L-4 / LDR18R-4 / LDR24L-4 / LDR24R-4LDR30T-4 / LDR36T-4 / LDR42T-4


  • 18", 24", 30", 36" & 42" sizes available
  • Tidy enclosurerubber trim around the frame helps block dust and water
  • Subtle convenienceflush-mounted reversible handle is there when you need it
  • Perennial refinementclean design eliminates places that dirt can collect
  • Expandable optionsdoor accessory kits available
  • Quick cleaningeasy-to-clean stainless steel surface
  • Elegant simplicitydesigned with understated style
  • Perfect endingsoft-close hinge



  • Handy convenienceincludes two bottle holders and a towel bar
  • Versatile applicationfits doors that are 18 or 30 inches (LDRKS) or 24, 36, or 42 inches (LDRKL)


The Lynx Ventana Collection of elegant outdoor storage solutions is named after the Ventana Wilderness, 240,000 acres along the Big Sur coast in central California that is renowned as a destination for restoration of the spirit and soul. This coast has been described as the greatest meeting of mountains and sea

Combining beauty with functionality, smooth front facings, recessed handles, and handcrafted framing merge to form a sleek and contemporary balance to your Lynx outdoor kitchen. Dust and water resistant, each door and drawer softly closes itself as if to punctuate the elegance of an artistic statement. The Ventana Collection from Lynx proves that small things can make a big difference.

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